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The Board of Directors

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John Hoffman has over 35 years of global high technology management experience as a General Manager, CEO and Chairman primarily in the semiconductor equipment and information technology markets. Hoffman joined fellow West Pointers William Buck and Gen (Ret) Mike Eastman in building ETS-Sponsorship / Onward Ops. Currently, John serves on the ETS-Onward Ops Board of Directors and serves as the Chairman of the Onward Ops Foundation.

Ken Tovo Is a recognized leader in special operations, strategic planning, and leadership. In addition to serving as the president of DOL Enterprises, Inc he was a career Green Beret. Ken developed and led high performing organizations at varying levels: from a 12-man Special Forces 'A-team' to the 34,000- strong Army Special Operations Command. Ken currently serves on the board of several companies and is the chairman of the Green Beret Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting current and former US Army Green Berets and their families.

Joe Fields has extensive work experience in various leadership positions. Joe most recently served as the President and CEO at TenCate Grass. Prior to that, he held the position of President at Shiloh Holdings. Joe also served as a Director at Polypac, Inc and has held CEO positions at Fieldturf Tarkett, and Shop @ Horne. Joe also held high-level executive positions at Jewelry Television, Adidas, Speedo International, Pentland Brands, and Genesco. 

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